“TutorLink’s affordable peer tutoring program provides the essential elements for training peer tutors and establishing an effective program. The materials include all the basics needed to implement a new program and prepare a team of tutors to support academic success in school.”

Lazaro Lopez ,
Principal, Wheeling High School, Wheeling, Illinois, Host of The National Tutoring Association Tutorpalooza

Your assistance in getting me started was invaluable! I don’t know how I could ever repay you for all you have done for me.

Mike Silver,
Professional Tutor, Indianapolis, Indiana

A well designed, logical approach…This is a good choice…

Library Journal,
Industry Publication

“Good program. Everything I learned in the training is accurate. TutorLink’s information has been invaluable. I’m glad my principal asked me to attend. I am ready for TutorLink’s advance training”.

Dan Schneider,
Tutoring Coordinator Faculty, Hawthorne Jr. High School, Vernon Hills, Illinois

“A valuable and important component for peer tutoring programs”

Fred Rasmussen,
Director of Peer Tutoring, COACH Program, Science Faculty, Maine Township West High School, Des Plaines, Illinois

“I strongly endorse this…program and use the system. I have been teaching for a long time and I am not easily impressed. The TutorLink program promotes parent-student-teacher involvment, it is unique, not complicated and everyone is happy with the results.”

Margaret Watson,
High School Math Department Chair and recipient of The Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching

“The TutorLink program provides all the essentials for building a successful tutoring program. Ease of use is a major factor. Every school with a tutoring program should have TutorLink”.

Dr. Jennifer Hurd,
Past President, National Tutoring Association

“The information presented in the TutorLink program helped us to build our foundation.”

Donna Hirt,
Guidance Counselor Beech Grove High School, Beech Grove Public Schools

“Succeeds… Clear, concise, and relevant… “

Mary Beardsley,
Title 1 Teacher Emma Donnan Middle School, Indianapolis Public Schools

“TL made my job easier, and saved our program time and money. It would have taken years to create what TL has already done. TL is a great addition to our tutor training program”

Jamie Stanley,
Academic Coordinator, TRIO Programs, Crowder College, Neosha, Missouri

“We’re excited that we’re using TutorLink. It fits the bill. You’ve provided exactly what we’ve needed.Thanks for putting this all together in easy to use formats. We now have the program manual that makes our program work. Thank You”

Regina Massey,
Director of TRIO Programs, Mountain Empire College, Stone Gap, Virginia

“Every school in our district should be using TutorLink”

Dorothy McKinney,
Director of Guidance, North View Middle School, Indianapolis, Indiana

“Our school has benefited from the TutorLink program and we recommend it to other schools”

Wendi Reitz,
Director of Peer Tutoring, English Teacher, Maine Township East High School, Park Ridge, Illinois

“Allow me to share a memorable experience. Many years ago, Thom Redicks and I collaborated while he was developing the TutorLink program. In the middle of a tutoring session, one of his former students came into his learning support center to thank Mr. Redicks for changing his life. The young man told the story of how he had a terribly difficult time reading and writing because of his ADD and learning disability. The student said everyone else had given up on him in school, but Mr. Redicks worked tirelessly with him on a regular basis and helped him learn different ways to look at reading and writing that would work for him. The young man had just graduated from college with a degree in Education, inspired by Mr. Redicks. Now, as a TutorLink Certified professional tutor, I hope to have that same effect on any one young man or woman; but Thom has that effect on everyone he works with, both students and teachers alike. Everyone on the TutorLink team believes in this philosophy of caring, doing it the right way. The training inspires us to think outside the box while utilizing traditional teaching and tutoring methodologies. The lessons I continue to learn from TutorLink have had a profound effect on my life, and they can do the same for you. Every tutor should take advantage of this affordable, high quality training and support program.”

Sarah Hunter,
Teacher, Providence Gately Academy & TutorLink Certified Professional Tutor/Administrator, Portland, Oregon