Example 1

Meet your narrators who were university students from Purdue University in Lafayette IN, Ball State University in Muncie IN, Indiana University in Bloomington IN, and IUPUI in Indianapolis IN. The CUNY SEEK CD tutors from City University of New York also assist.

Example 2

Meet your tutors who were trained and received TutorLink and NTA Certification. Hundreds of hours were filmed and edited for best practices and examples. Participating tutors and faculty coordinators were from Maine East High School, Park Ridge ILL, Maine South High School and Maine West High School both in Des Plaines ILL, Beech Grove High School, Beech Grove IN, Cathedral High School Indianapolis IN, and Indianapolis Public Schools.

Example 3

Introduction to the 4-Step Tutoring Session with Jason and Wendy with Shannon and Katie from Beech Grove High School.

Example 4

Wendy, Ed and a Beech Grove High School tutor and student show us the value of “Wait Time” from the TutorLink Listening Skills lesson set.

Example 5

Wendy introduces us to “Questioning Skills” and Shannon uses the “Rephrase the question” technique to help Katie (Beech Grove High School).