TutorLink offers a variety of training materials and services across the entire spectrum of academic and professional tutoring. TutorLink, with partners Creative Street, National Tutoring Resource Center, and World Book, developed, published and marketed tutorial training products in all media for elementary, middle and high schools, as well as colleges and universities.

Thom Redicks is president of TutorLink and The National Tutoring Resource Center (NTRC) and long-time tutoring coordinator. Since 1987, Thom has conducted clinical research, collecting data from diverse tutoring scenarios in every academic discipline and at all grade levels, as well as working with student assistance programs. From this data and experience, proven and promising program designs, methods, practices, protocols, benchmarks, and evaluation instruments are developed for use in school-based, non-profit organization, and professional tutoring programs. Thom’s multi-disciplinary tutoring experience has provided successful tutoring methods to thousands of students of all ages.

In 2001, TutorLink, in conjunction with World Book, published the TutorLink Peer/Cross Age Tutor Training Program. The TutorLink program won the Chicago Book Clinic Top Award for Supplemental Materials, and the TutorLink Training Video services produced by Creative Street received numerous awards and recognition including a Telly.

Thom is the author of The Peer Tutoring Program Administrative Guide, The Guide to The Tutoring Process, and The Guide to Training Tutors published by World Book. He is Executive Producer of The TutorLink Tutor Training Video Series.

He is a Life Member of the National Tutoring Association, served on the NTA Executive Board and as the NTA Membership Chair from 1999-2005.

He also served on the Board of Trustees for the St. Vincent Hospital Learning Support Center Academy + in Indianapolis. In addition to being President of TutorLink and the NTRC, he currently is a Commissioner for the Arizona Department of Education CTE Quality Skills Commission. He served as a member of the University of Arizona STEM Learning Center Planning Committee, a member of the Pima County Joint Technical Education District Business and Industry Council, a Partner of Read On Arizona, and recent Chair of the Workforce Readiness-Education Committee of the Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

Thom conducts program assessments, evaluations, and on-site training for school based learning support/tutoring program administrators, coordinators and tutors in school districts, colleges, universities and non-profit social service agencies across the country.

You Can Use “What Works” TutorLink Practices to Change Fs to As, Bs and Cs.

“Why do increasing numbers of students have academic difficulty and flock to tutors for help? Why are parents so frustrated? They say, “If something could just motivate my son or daughter, I know he or she would do better”.

As tutors, we should know what we are supposed to do when a student asks us for help. Although every student presents a different scenario, most have some common denominators.

What does the research within our profession tell us about these common denominators? How can we easily utilize these denominators in simple equations to improve the probability of success?

Statistics teaches us that achieving simplicity is often a complex process. Let us first try to define The Tutoring Process in simple terms. Then, we will insert the common denominators to discover how tutors can help frustrated students learn how to solve their own problems.

TutorLink’s “what works” research-based proven and promising methods, practices, assessments, and evaluations will pleasantly surprise you.”

Thomas Redicks
President, TutorLink

Professional Team of Contributors to TutorLink’s Success

TutorLink/NTRC Managing Partners

David Smith CEO, Creative Street, Indianapolis, IN
Thomas Redicks President, TutorLink, Indianapolis, IN
Steve Katzenberger Chief Operating Officer, Creative Street, Indianapolis, IN
Michael Wiley, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Creative Street, Indianapolis, IN

Tutoring Principles and Concepts Developed by

Thomas F. Redicks
President, TutorLink LLC, and Founder, National Tutoring Resource Center


Thomas F. Redicks, TutorLink/NTRC
Mike Samson, Creative Street, Inc.

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Kenneth W. Gattis, Director, Undergraduate Tutorial Services,
North Carolina State University

Lawrence J. Greene, Director, Special Education, TutorLink/NTRC

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Linda Saumell, Ph.D.,
University of Miami, Director, Academic Development Center

CUNY SEEK/CD Tutors, The City University of New York

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Mary Beardsley,
Title I Teacher, Emma Donnan Middle School, Indianapolis Public Schools

Elaine Beaty,
Tutoring Coordinator, National Tutoring Resource Center

Heidi Bowbin,
Director of Peer Tutoring, COACH Program, Chemistry Faculty,
Maine Township South High School, Park Ridge, Illinois

Lacy Echols,
Department of Mathematics, Butler University

Kenneth W. Gattis, Ph.D., Director, Undergraduate Tutorial Services,
North Carolina State University

Lawrence J. Greene,
Director, Special Education, TutorLink/NTRC

Donna Hirt,
Guidance Counselor, Beech Grove High School, Beech Grove Public Schools

Sarah Hunter,
Providence Gately Academy, Portland OR

Deborah Lecklider,
Executive Director, Indiana Principal Leadership Academy

Jan Norton,
Director, Center for Academic Support, Missouri Western State University

Fred Rasmussen,
Director of Peer Tutoring, COACH Program, Science Faculty,
Maine Township West High School, Des Plaines, Illinois

Wendy Reitz,
Director of Peer Tutoring, COACH Program, English Faculty,
Maine Township East High School, Park Ridge, Illinois

Linda Saumell, Ph.D.,
University of Miami, Director, Academic Development Center

Laura M. Smith,
English Teacher, New Trier High School, Winnetka, Illinois

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