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School Based Tutoring Program Training


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TutorLink is pleased to offer training opportunities for administrators, faculty and staff. During this training, you will interact with Certified Master Tutor/Trainers.

  • You will learn three essential elements for any successful tutoring program, experience several tutor training methods and activities, and explore program funding possibilities.
  • As part of your training materials, you will receive a complete TutorLink grant template to seek state and/or federal funding.

  Participants Receive:

Completed Grant Template
Requisite Hours Towards Certifcate

Sample Topics:

About Our Trainers

  • Private Practice Professional Tutor Training
  • Benefits of Tutoring
  • Value of Training Tutors
  • Building or Improving Your Tutorial Program.
  • Essential Skills for Tutors
  • Evaluating Your Program and Tutors
  • Finding Funding for Your Program

To learn more about how to schedule a training, use our contact form by clicking on the Contact Us link on the menu to your left OR call your TutorLink consultant at 1 - 866 - 311 - 6630 ext. 139.

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Establish or Improve your Tutoring Program with Training and TutorLink™ National Certification

  Training and certification is now available in conjunction with the TutorLink program. Take your tutoring program to a higher level by making the most of TutorLink's resources and experience. High quality training, structured tutoring sessions, and certification are important for all individuals committed to tutorial excellence and student achievement: teachers, administrators, professional tutors, volunteers, peers and cross-age tutors.

  In-Service Training Features

TutorLink's dynamic research-based training courses, support materials, and services will increase the effectiveness of your Tutor training program and provide professional credentials for you and your tutors. Here are some of the key features of the training and certification workshops:

  • Optimize your use of the TutorLink Peer Tutor Training Program materials and resources.
  • Conducted by nationally recognized and Certified Master Trainer / Administrators.
  • Conducted at your site
  • Scheduled conveniently with your school calendar
  • Customized to meet the goals and objectives of your tutoring program based on pre-evaluation
  • Available with a national certification component
  • Research based, proven practices

In Service Training Fees are quoted. All In Service Training are customized to fit the needs of your program.

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  In-Service Training Topics

The power of tutoring will create exciting results and rewards for students, tutors, your school and community.

Take advantage of an opportunity to train and certify your faculty coordinators and tutors. Get connected to the community of professional educators and tutors from across the nation. This training is devoted to an analysis of operational and educational aspects of tutoring for all grade levels and courses. Specific discussions include: causes for low grades, tutoring methodology which promotes self-directed learning, identification of courses and subjects which have the highest tutoring demand, and ten reasons why students don't study.

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Additional topics include:

  1. How to recruit, train, and retrain tutors.
  2. Documenting and evaluating your program.
  3. How to improve an existing program.
  4. How to begin a tutoring program: start-up, implementation, evaluation.
  5. Essential steps for successful tutoring sessions.
  6. Promoting your program to students, administrators, and community leaders.

Whether you are just getting started or directing an established program, this training will show you how to maximize your tutoring potential.

You'll also explore:

  • Current research in tutoring
  • Accurate assessment and/or diagnosis of academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Motivating students to work harder and smarter
  • Assisting students with special needs
  • Tutoring techniques which improve study skills
  • Benchmarking and troubleshooting student progress
  • How to effectively schedule students and tutors

In Service Training Fees are quoted. All In Service Training are customized to fit the needs of your program.

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  About TutorLink™ Trainers
  TutorLink trainers are nationally recognized educational professionals representing respected institutions from across the United States. Every TutorLink trainer is certified as a Master Level Tutor Trainer/Administrator, indicating their compliance with the rigorous standards of the TutorLink certification process. Our trainers work under the direction of Thom Redicks, thereby ensuring TutorLink standards for excellence in education and training.

Thom Redicks is president of TutorLink and The National Tutoring Resource Center (NTRC). Since 1987 Thom has conducted clinical research, collecting data from diverse tutoring scenarios in every academic discipline and at all grade levels, as well as working with student assistance programs. From this data and experience, proven and promising program designs, methods, practices, protocols, benchmarks, and evaluation instruments are developed for use in school-based, non-profit organization, and professional tutoring programs. Thom’s multi-disciplinary tutoring experience has provided successful tutoring methods to thousands of students of all ages.

In 2001, TutorLink, in conjunction with World Book, published the TutorLink Peer/Cross Age Tutor Training Program. The TutorLink program won the Chicago Book Clinic Top Award for Supplemental Materials, and the TutorLink Training Video services produced by Creative Street received numerous awards and recognition including a Telly.

Thom is the author of The Peer Tutoring Program Administrative Guide, The Guide to The Tutoring Process, and The Guide to Training Tutors published by World Book. He is Executive Director of The TutorLink Tutor Training Video Series.

He is a Life Member of the National Tutoring Association, served on the NTA Executive Board and as the NTA Membership Chair from 1999-2005.

He also served on the Board of Trustees for the St. Vincent Hospital Learning Support Center Academy + in Indianapolis. In addition to being President of TutorLink and the NTRC, he currently is a Commissioner for the Arizona Department of Education CTE Skills Standards Assessment Commission. He is a member of the University of Arizona STEM Learning Center Planning Committee, a member of the Pima County Joint Technical Education District Business and Industry Council, a Partner of Read On Arizona, and recent Chair of the Workforce Readiness-Education Committee of the Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

Thom conducts program assessments, evaluations, and on-site training for school based learning support/tutoring program administrators, coordinators and tutors in school districts, colleges, universities and non-profit social service agencies across the country.

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For information, please call Thom Redicks at 520-440-5049
or email tredicks@tutorlink.com