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TutorLink Support and Services

In an effort to provide ongoing support for TutorLink clients, we offer the following services which are unparalleled in the field of learning support professionals and providers.


* Access to TutorLink Professional Consultants

Each TutorLink consultant is certified as a Master Level Tutor Trainer/Administrator. In addition, each consultant has a minimum of 10, and in most cases 15-20, years experience as tutors and/or tutoring program directors. We bring experience from every corner of the education community: K-12 to university, public and private. TutorLink consultants are nationally and internationally recognized as among the best in the tutoring field.

* Start-up and continuing program assistance

TutorLink can assist programs at every level to plan, design, implement and evaluate services. Many programs fail at startup or are not sustained over a significant period of years due to a lack of one of three essential program elements. A TutorLink consultant can work with you to ensure your program startup is successful or to take an existing program to a higher level.

* Funding analysis and content for grant applications

TutorLink can assist your program with practical funding suggestions as well as content for new or renewing grant applications including: goals and objectives, activities and outcomes, statement of need, impact on the community, project design, timelines, personnel plans, measurement and evaluation, and budgets.

* Access to current research on best practices and trends in tutoring

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For information, please call Thom Redicks at 520-440-5049
or email tredicks@tutorlink.com