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What is the TutorLink™ Tutor Training Program?





TutorLink™ Peer Tutoring Program provides a step-by-step system to help you plan, design, implement, and evaluate a results-driven tutoring program.

  • A complete, easy-to-follow program for training your tutors
  • Ongoing support from TutorLink consultant

TutorLink™ Training Packages

Profesional Tutor Training   Check    
In-Service Training Check Check    
Tutor Training DVD Set     Check Check
Forms, Guides, & Templates   Check Check Check
Guide to Training Tutors     Check Check
Administrative Guide       Check
Guide to the Tutoring Process       Check
Peer Tutor Handbook     Check Check

*Shipping and Handling Charges Apply Where Applicable
** Online and Phone Support is included with every TutorLink purchase!

  Tutor Training DVDs

Three training videos and a faculty video cover key topics including:

  • The Tutor’s Role
  • The Initial Tutoring Session
  • The Tutoring Sessions
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Questioning Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • The Student’s Ideas

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  The Template and Peer Tutor CD-ROM

The Template and Peer Tutor CD-ROM Contains worksheets, forms, and flyers that may be completed onscreen, revised, and/or printed for easy distribution. Also included are two posters which provide useful guidelines and serve as excellent training aids for The Tutoring Process.

* Only the Ultimate TutorLink Program package comes with a CD-ROM. All other packages supply a downloadable verision of these forms, templates, and worksheets.

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  The Guide to Training Tutors

The Guide to Training Tutors contains guidelines for training new and experienced peer tutors. It teaches how to implement proven tutoring methods and protocols that produce higher grades. This guide is arranged in sequential training modules. The modules each have video workshop segments to assist you in helping tutors learn the TutorLink protocols:

  • Module 1: Orientation
  • Module 2: The Tutoring Sessions
  • Module 3: Tutoring Skills

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  The Administrative Guide

The Administrative Guide describes important steps that have been proven successful for setting up and administering a new peer tutoring program or improving an existing one. By following this guide and completing the Action Plan worksheets, you will learn ways to:

  • Analyze your existing tutoring program and your support channels.
  • Develop a leadership plan for staffing your program.
  • Set the goals and mission statement for your peer tutoring program.
  • Identify your target student population.
  • Determine the locations and materials needed for your program.
  • Identify and recruit your tutors.
  • Promote your tutoring program.

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  The Guide to the Tutoring Process

The Guide to the Tutoring Process presents a step-by-step approach. The Desk Reference to Learning Problems at the back of this guide describes characteristics of common learning problems and defines important related terminology. This guide will help you:

  • Determine why students have trouble with schoolwork.
  • Learn the common causes of low grades.
  • Implement proven tutoring methods and protocols.
  • Utilize a series of forms and evaluation methods for tracking and measuring student success.

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  Peer Tutor Handbook

Peer Tutor Handbook The handbook helps remind tutors of key points from their training sessions. Also included are two posters which provide useful guidelines and serve as excellent training aids for The Tutoring Process.

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  Private Practice Professional Tutor Training

Use Your Education to Earn Professional Compensation as a Professional Tutor, and Create Excitement and Rewards for You, Your Students and Community

  • In-Service Private Practice Professional Tutor Training Workshops and Ongoing Support
  • How To Establish or Improve Your Private Practice Tutoring Program

Join educators and tutors from across the nation who have already completed this cross- curriculum training course. The training course for tutors in all subjects/courses, all grades and ages is devoted to analysis of operation, educational, and business aspects of private tutoring. Specific topics include causes for low grades, tutoring methods, which promote self-directed learning, identification of courses, and subjects that have the highest tutoring demands. Additional topics include:

  • The ten reasons students do not study or finish homework
  • How to begin your tutoring practice from start-up to implementation
  • How to quickly find students you will enjoy tutoring
  • How to improve an existing program
  • How to charge and collect fees.

Whether you are just getting started or directing an established program, this training will show you how to maximize your tutoring program. You will also learn:

  • How to maintain an effective and easy record keeping system (provided by TutorLink)
  • What motivates students to work harder?
  • Guaranteed techniques to improve study skills
  • Timelines and benchmarks for measuring student progress, and what to do when progress is not occurring

Tutor Skill Sets

  • The Structured Tutoring Session
  • Questioning Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Appropriate Positive Reinforcement
  • The Student’s Ideas
  • The Tutor Code of Ethics
  • Learning Styles Important rules for tutors
  • The Unprepared Student (“I don’t have any homework….I forgot my books….I didn’t read the chapter….I missed class, help me catch up…”
  • Student Frustrations
  • Difficult Tutoring Situations
  • Assessments/Evaluations


  • Create enthusiastic students
  • Boost learning skills
  • Improve student performance
  • Earn Professional Compensation
  • Be a respected professional in your community

“Your assistance getting me started as a professional tutor was invaluable. I don’t know how I could ever repay you for all you have done for me”. -Mike Silver Middle School Teacher and Professional Tutor in Private Practice, Indianapolis

“Allow me to share a memorable experience. Many years ago, Thom Redicks and I collaborated while he was developing the TutorLink program. In the middle of a tutoring session, one of his former students came into his learning support center to thank Mr. Redicks for changing his life. The young man told the story of how he had a terribly difficult time reading and writing because of his ADD and learning disability. The student said everyone else had given up on him in school, but Mr. Redicks worked tirelessly with him on a regular basis and helped him learn different ways to look at reading and writing that would work for him. The young man had just graduated from college with a degree in Education, inspired by Mr. Redicks. Now, as a TutorLink Certified professional tutor, I hope to have that same effect on any one young man or woman; but Thom has that effect on everyone he works with, both students and teachers alike. Everyone on the TutorLink team believes in this philosophy of caring, doing it the right way. The training inspires us to think outside the box while utilizing traditional teaching and tutoring methodologies. The lessons I continue to learn from TutorLink have had a profound effect on my life, and they can do the same for you. Every tutor should take advantage of this affordable, high quality training and support program.”

Sarah Hunter
Teacher, Providence Gately Academy &
TutorLink Certified Professional Tutor/Administrator
Portland Oregon

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For information, please call Thom Redicks at 520-440-5049
or email tredicks@tutorlink.com