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Important Reasons Why You Should Use TutorLink™

1. A Proven Tutorial System of Methods and Strategies - The TutorLink Tutor Training Program is based on nearly 20 years of front-line experience that has demonstrated its effectiveness in helping students in elementary, middle, secondary, and post-secondary schools throughout North America.

2. Measurable Goals and Benchmarks - The specified timeline benchmarks make outcomes predictable and progress measurable.

3. Assessment and/or Diagnostic Resources - Procedures quickly identify students who are good candidates for tutoring and those who may not be.

4. Training - The program provides reliable criteria for selecting and training peer tutors.

5. Parent or Guardian Involvement - Regular notification and practical task participation that parents and guardians support.

6. Tutor/Student Scheduling - The program indicates when, where, and how often students and tutors will meet, thus increasing the probability that the tutoring will produce measurable positive results.

7. Opportunities Through Experience - Tutors may be inspired to pursue a teaching career as a result of their tutoring experiences. Peer tutors can capitalize on their tutoring experience when applying to college or for a job.

Your investment in the TutorLink Peer Tutoring Program provides you with an invaluable resource that will help you to fulfill your educational mission and attain your school’s educational goals. It’s a win-win situation for everyone: teachers, administrators, parents, and students!


How long will it take to start a tutoring program?

With some planning, tutoring programs can be quickly implemented. Most schools report that they are able to start producing positive reports and results after one semester. Many tutoring Directors report that they did not have any assistance or training and jumped into the task without guidance. Most agree that having a model program with strong tutor training components and information on goals, methods, and procedures would have been extremely valuable had they been available.

For information, please call Thom Redicks at 520-440-5049
or email tredicks@tutorlink.com